Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet the Furbabies

Today Gus is over trying to make some friends over at Total Basset Case. Floyd (and Sarah) are super cute. Go over and say "hi" and  see Gus's pathetic attempt at online dating.

Since Gus is having his day over there, I thought I would formally introduce blogland to our other furbabies. I now have two cats. One has always been mine, and the other started off as mine and now he's back. Let's back up to my sophomore year of high school. My mom finally let me have a cat  (after a good 10 years of me asking for one.) My brother's cat had kittens and mom let me go over and choose one. I have really cute kitten pictures of him somewhere. I named him Kanobi and he was cute as can be. Two years later, I had to move off to college. Once I was finally in an apartment and could have a cat, I asked for mine back. Mom said that he was happy with her. So I adopted this little girl.
This is Allison. I got her when she was just 8 weeks old. She became extremely spoiled. And now here she is... at 7 1/2 years old. And fat.

After my mom passed away, Kanobi came back to live with us. He is adjusting as well as he can. Allison however, is not to keen on another feline living in the house.

He's part Siamese, 15 years old, and he is VERY talkative. He has already warmed up to Gus and he loves the Mister. He probably would tolerate Allison, if she would just let him out of his room. She will growl at him if her starts to go out. And she will go into his room and just stare at him. And eat his food. We've had him for about a month and a half, so I am hoping that it gets better soon.

Any ideas on how to make my cat stop being such a witch? Any pets of your own?


Micah said...

Awww. I love your furbabies.

Alison is obviously asserting her dominance. I have the same issue with Cleo and Casey, and they've lived together for nine years. Casey has always just accepted Cleo's place as the leader, so it's not a huge deal. Sounds like Kanobi understands Alison is in charge. Hopefully he'll eventually just come out of his room anyway.

Kerr said...

I loved your post on total basset case! My parents dog is also from the streets and she doesnt have many friends either. She used to be nice but now she prefers people. So funny!

Angi said...

Aw, your babies are so cute!!! It's so weird when kittens grow up and you don't even realize how old they are..I was figuring out how old my cat is the other day and he's FIVE AND A HALF. So weird...

Alison said...

:) Cute! I love your babies' names. Especially Allison ;) haha. But seriously, Kenobi is a good name and Gus is such a cute name for a dog!

We don't have any pets right now, really sad. We can't have any at our current house. If we did we'd probably have a dog like Gus :)

Laura Darling said...

What sweet cats! I hope they start getting along soon! :)