Monday, October 29, 2012

Meet The Mister!

I have been reading Becky's Show and Tell Posts for a few weeks now, but I have never joined in. This week's questions is about a subject that I love to talk about...

All About My Other Half
1. Tell us about how and when you met your love and what attracted you most to him.
I have told everyone how the Mister and I met before, but I like to share. :) The Mister and I met on Myspace. It was back when Myspace was still cool and before Facebook took over the world. With Myspace you could browse profiles and you could put things in like an age range, sex, education level etc. I had browsed around a few times, but was always to chicken to send a message to anyone. The Mister had also been browsing and he said he came across my profile. (I had seen his too, but he didn't know because of my chickenness.) Fortunately, he was not as chicken as I was. This is the first email he ever sent me:
After that we emailed back and forth for about a month before we met for our first date. In our emails we were able to learn a lot about each other, as well as joke around. (I haven't gotten rid of my Myspace account because I like to go back and read them every once in a while.) On our first date he asked so many questions (and not in a creeper way) and he really listened. That is probably what really attracted me to him first. 

2. Here are some of our first pictures together. They are all self portraits taken in the spring and summer of 2008.

3. Tell us some of your favorite memories that you two had together.

We've been lucky enough to take some amazing vacations together
San Diego, Disneyland, Vegas, Disneyworld

But my favorite vacation was our week long trip to the Oregon coast when we got engaged.

4. Tell us your favorite qualities about this man, what makes him "the one."
He listens (to what I need)
He makes me laugh (when I need it)
He is practical (when I am not)
He supports me (through all my big and small ideas)

5. Tell us what your "date nights" typically look like.
Our typical dates are dinner, movies... regular stuff. Our best dates are day time stuff: hiking, beach trips, local festivals. 

Come back later this week! I got him to agree to an interview for this little blog!


Living for his glory said...

Gorgeous pictures from your wedding. Such a cute couple!

Angi said...

SO cute!! I love that you two met on Myspace. Isaiah and I sort of met that way too, we had mutual friends already and supposedly had met once years earlier but neither of us remembered it - and I haven't gotten rid of my account either, for the same reason! ;)

Becky Dougherty said...

That's a great love story! I'll have to share mine with you sometime. It involves Oregon! :)

P.S. I mailed your package today!!!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Good work on securing the interview! Can't wait to read it.

Alison said...

That's adorable. I love that you met on Myspace! I need to get my husband to do an interview on the blog! You and Angi are both doing it. That will be my goal this week...

Morgan said...

That is such a sweet story! Thank you for sharing :).
Morgan @ PDP