Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smiling Is My Favorite

After such a heavy post yesterday, I thought I would lighten it up and join Michelle over at Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting today for a look at what has made me laugh lately.

Before I start my pins, I checked my google traffic sources, and people have officially found my blog using the search term "fart." I have arrived.
or target... that'll do
The alternate to abstinence
**As a health teacher I have to point out that condoms are only 97% effective with perfect use. But you knew that if you watched Friends.**
I can't  stop laughing!!
Poop jokes are funny. Always.

Protects your hair when you eat... because getting food in your hair would just look ridiculous.
No words. Is this a real thing??? A hair protector from noodle splatter?
I need some laughs. What has made you laugh lately?


Tyler said...

Oh my goodness haha.. these are funny. Thanks for sharing! :)

Jen said...

Haha these are hilarious, I love the one about the crocs.

Sarah Grace said...

ooooo friends. hahaha i love it.

happy wednesday!

xoxo, sarah grace

Angi said...

Hahah...I love the Mad Libs one...that's awesome!!

Rachel said...

Friends make every better! "they should put that on the box!"