Monday, September 3, 2012

Classroom Tour

When Did I Grow Up and Become Responsible?
For over two decades now (to me at least), Labor Day means one thing: school starts tomorrow. Growing up, school always started on the day after Labor Day, and now as a teacher it means the same thing. Like most teachers, the first day of school is the real New Years Day. Like always, I am hoping for a great year, and I am setting school year resolutions, which I will post about later this week. Today, I thought I would share where I will be spending the majority of my time for the next 9 months. I have never taken pictures of my classroom, but I have loved looking at all the classrooms out there in blog world, so maybe you might want to check out my space. (Ha! Remember myspace?) I also have never "themed" a classroom until this year. But it was fun.
I do a ton of group work, and I number my groups.

This is what I see when I am at my desk. My school is in a not so great area, so that explains the bars on the windows. 

I have seen a lot of teachers in blog land getting rid of their desk space, and all I can think is, how is that even possible? When I have students in my room, its not like I spend a ton of time back there, but I can't imagine not having that space.
This is my week's lesson plans. Each Friday I put in the plans for the next week in each folder. The folder holder is actually a dish drainer.

This is either side of my white board in the front of the room. On the left is where students go to get their make up work after being absent. On the right is where students turn in their exit tickets (by group number) and the score card for our class competition. 

This cabinet will get a post all it's own, but this right by our exit door. The trays are where students turn in work, and the board is where grades are posted. 

The zebra print you see all over the classroom is actually a sheet set from Walmart. I knew I wanted to cover my bulletin boards with fabric this year, and the sheet set was the cheapest way to do it. I used a full flat sheet for the boards, and the pillow cases became the "valences" over my windows. I still have the fitted sheet to do what ever I want. 

If you are a teacher, do you theme your classroom? Is it selfish of my to keep my space in my classroom?



Jena said...

I wish we didn't start until after labor day. We've been back in school for three weeks now.

Bed sheets!! What a good idea!

I don't know how a teacher could go without their own space. I never sit at my desk at all while I have students in my classroom, but when my room is empty during my break or after school, I will sit and work for hours. Not to mention all my files and binders full of stuff on the shelves around my desk.

Your classroom looks great!

Candice said...

I'm so glad to have found a fellow educator with a lifestyle blog. :)

Anyway, when I taught high school, I "themed" my room in zebra and red (the school's colors were black and red). Now I teach elementary school, and my room has a color theme of gray, lime, and turquoise (the school's colors are green and black). I just can't force myself to do anything more "cutesy" than a color theme!

Also: I do NOT think it's selfish of you to keep "your space" in your classroom. I, too, have considered getting rid of my desk to get more space, but I always end up keeping it. My theory is that I'm definitely there for the kids, but I spend about 50 hours a week in that room, so I better be comfortable in it! Plus, for my position, each kid is only in my room for 1 hour a week, so while I definitely want them to be comfortable and happy there, *I'm* the one spending the most time in the room!

~Candice from Lattes and Lists