Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've struggled with if I would write this post or not. Part of me thinks I shouldn't because it's not my story, but it has impacted our lives. One week ago, our friend's husband died suddenly of a major heart attack. He was 36.


He was a teacher, an athlete, a coach and a father. They have two little girls- 6 and 4.  I cannot imagine what she is going through this last week. They live in California, and the memorial service was this last weekend. My husband just couldn't manage to get a day off to allow us to be able to head down there. Another friend of ours has been putting together a care package to send down to her and the girls, but what can you do? A card? Gift cards to help with everyday financial stuff and meals? Does any of that really help?

I am not a mom, but I am a wife. My husband and I have built a little life for ourselves here in our small town and I can't even think what it would be like if something happened to him. I know I would have the support of friends and family, and I know that slowly things would become a new normal, but nothing how I picture my normal to be. And if I was a mom? I guess you just put on your strong face, and you are there for your kids, because they need you more than you need to hide from every thing.

If you have some time, could you fit this little family in your prayers? And spend some time with those you love. Just a few days before his heart attack, he had surprised his family with a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland. Those are priceless memories for that family. We should all make those memories with the people who are close to. Why does it take something like this to make us remember that?

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