Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why didn't I think of that?

Once upon a time I posted about the little things that I have done from Pinterest. Since summer break started two weeks ago, I have been a busy little bee completing some of the smaller things I have pinned. I like to call them the "why didn't I think of that" pins. In all these pictures the pinspiration is on the left and my interpretation is on the right. 

Original Pin Here
I love the look of the yellow frame she used in the pin. I already had a large poster frame that I use to display Christmas cards. I still am debating on spray painting the frame a fun color, but with the white, I can still do my Christmas Card display in a few months. I haven't found a background print to use inside the frame, but I have been looking at fabric. I love that we finally have a couple wedding pictures up!
Original Pin Here
Seriously a genius thing. I used one pool noodle that I got at Dollar Tree and now my boots can stay standing for the summer. In the pin they used a saw to cut the noodle, but a regular pair of scissors works beautifully. Total cost for this project: $1
Original Pin Here
This was another simple one. I removed the glass and backing from a frame and used some simple screw in hooks to hang our keys from. I lose my keys a lot, so hopefully this will take away those moments in the morning when I can't remember where I put my keys.

If you notice the frame above the keys, it is my 4th of July subway art that I printed from here. Seriously some of the cutest I have seen. Since we don't have a color printer at our house, I just saved the JPEG to a flash drive and had an 8x10 printed at Target. I have the "summer" one printed and I plan to replace it at the end of the week.
Original Pin Here

Finally, the second shower curtain rod in the shower to hang up shower loofahs, wash clothes etc. If you lived somewhere that you would have wet bathing suits, this would also be a great place to hang them up to dry. (Do you like my drawing of a loofah? I actually got rid of my loofah because I never knew where to put it.)  I already had an extra tension rod, so this little make-over cost me $0. Whoop whoop!

What have you been trying from Pinterest lately?

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Makaila said...

Nice Work Girl!!

I really love the key frame and the boot noodles, how clever!

Kuddos to you for pinning it, and DOING it!!

emily said...

I really need to get the noodles for my boots asap! Cant believe I didnt think of that!!

Amy Powell said...

Ok, the noodle in the shoes is pretty genius! Happy 4th!

Torie said...

I am insanely impressed that you actually did these! I always pin and then forget about it until I see it on pinterest again a few months later, haha. :) I'm glad they are working out for you!

Ashley said...

These are so good! I especially love the second shower rod- how clever! Thanks for linking up! :)