Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Adventures: beach, fireworks and more!

What a fantastic weekend! True to Oregon form, summer showed up on July 5th.
Summer in Western Oregon.
Friday, I spent the day working on my Pinterest Challenge craft. After The Mister got home, we had dinner and then made our way over to the new fro-yo place that opened up near my house. When I say near, I mean if I was one of these guys, I could make it there in under a minute.



Those are the winners from the 2012 US Olympic Trials in the 400 meter run. Yes, the fro-yo place opened up a quarter of a mile from my house. Close enough to walk and close enough to get into trouble. (You know, trouble for my wallet and my waist line.)

Saturday, we decided that it had been way to long since the last time we took a day trip over to the coast, so that is just what we did.

 I got that floppy straw hat to help keep the sun off my head/face. But I noticed I was the only one  who wouldn't be able to order from the seniors menu who was wearing one. Are they not in style? I mean skin cancer is definitely not in style, but I thought my hat was cute.

We made it back home and realized that my town's Independence Day festivities were not over yet, and they were having another firework show at the river front.
Listening to a band , waiting for it to get dark. It's crazy that all of this was flooded in January.

He hates it when I make him pose for pictures.
When we got home our poor dog was hiding in the bathroom. Even with his anti-anxiety medication, he still is really afraid of the fireworks. We live about a mile away from the park, so it is pretty loud at our house.

Sunday, we headed over to the Mister's parents for some bocce and BBQ, but not until I noticed the sharp pain on my legs.

I am so mad about this. I mean I used sunscreen, I wore a floppy hat. Ugh. After we came home, I had to ease my pain. We headed about 400 meters away and I was treated to this:

That's right, my fro-yo count for the weekend is now up to 2.

How was your weekend? What are your thoughts on my floppy hat? What are your favorite fro-yo toppings/flavors?

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Samantha said...

Jealous of the fro-yo for sure!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Poor thing! Those burns look painful :( Aside from that, sounds like a great weekend! I've always wanted to visit Oregon.

Thanks so much for linking up with us! Next time please use our button so you can meet and interact with others who linked up :)

Dana @ five30three said...

i hope your burns heal quickly. I am so paranoid about using the highest SPF ever made on my pale skin even if I'm only going to be outside for 2 minutes. Other than that, sounds like a fun weekend. Enjoy the fro-yo!

Janae said...

Yum! That fro yo looks delish! Oh how I wish I lived near the coast. That looks wonderful to be able to go walk along the beach. Have a great week!

Alisa Marie said...

Ugh - I hate sunburns, but I'm sure it was worth it spending the day at the beach :) FroYo is my absolute favorite, sometime I just like to eat it plain, but mostly covered in chocolate and yummie candies! Have a good week! I'm now following :)

Candice said...

Oh man, this weekend blog-hop is not working in my favour!! Everyone keeps posting yummy pictures - so literally, I read a post, see the food, go raid my cupboards and eat it myself!!

Kimberlee said...

mmm froyo

haha had no idea summer came July 5th in Oregon, summer started here in March then winter came in April :p