Saturday, July 28, 2012

My love letter to the Olympics

I love the Olympics. L.O.V.E. Every two years my life goes on hold so that I can soak in as much Olympic glory as possible. When I was little and we were living in southern California, the summer Olympics were in LA ('84). My parents went and watched some track and field events. They brought me back a photo of a bear going over the hurdles. That thing hung in my bedroom until I went away to college. I have know idea where it is now, but I will now be on a mission to find it.
It's hard for me to pick which games I like better: summer or winter. Like 99% of little girls, I wanted desperately to be a figure skater or a gymnast. I also loved watching ski jumping and the diving competitions. So pretty much, if there is flipping around, I love it. But don't worry sports without flipping, I will watch you too. Except basketball. I mean basketball is okay, but my attention span during the Olympics is short. A basketball game takes too much time. But, I will watch both indoor and beach volleyball.

I love the back stories of the Olympians. I love hearing about how they train, their families. I love hearing about the Olympic village. I especially love the opening ceremonies and when the athletes march in. I love seeing the countries that only have a couple athletes. I love the athletes that know they won't medal, but they are proud to be there and live out there dreams. I just love the Olympics.

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