Friday, July 27, 2012

Advisors Conference

I just spent the last 4 days at a conference for activities advisors in our state. (I have the lovely title of Activites Director as well as teacher for my middle school.) Now, the thought of doing any type of school work in July sucks, much less spending four days in-servicing. But this was the most fantastic conference/training/inservice I have been to.  I'm not sure how trainings are outside of education, but usually our professional development is forced on us and as we sit in the library wishing we could be anywhere other than there. These trainings usually happen on grading days, and all of us (I hope its not just me!) would rather be in our classrooms getting work done, because so much of our work can't get done when students are there. These trainings are usually met with cynicism and annoyance that we are asked to do yet another new thing.

It was such a relief to be surrounded by people that value student activities. I felt comfort knowing that there are other crazy people out there (just like me!). I am so excited to use some of my new lessons and try to implement some of the great ideas we shared! Especially the ones on service. I base my leadership class around community service and I have some great ideas on how to bring it out to the rest of my school. That doesn't mean I am ready to go back to work yet. I still have a good 3 weeks left before I need to be back and I will be enjoying as much of it as I can.

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