Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Week: The Weddings I Didn't Have

 This post is all about the wedding I would have had, if we had done things differently. I hope y'all have realized through Wedding Week, that I really did love my wedding, but it is always fun to think about what if...

What if we got married in Vegas?
Vegas Wedding

For Vegas I would have worn a short, flirty cocktail dress and accessorized with tons of bling and blue. If I had gotten married in Vegas, it would have to be somewhere like the Little White Wedding Chapel and we would have been whisked away in a pink Cadillac.

What if we got married on a tropical beach?
Beach Wedding

It's not a secret that the Mister and I both love the coast. My dream beach wedding would take us away from the often time chilly (but still lovely) Oregon coast and brings us to a tropical beach. I would be wearing a long, flowing one strap dress, and accessorizing with a soft coral in my bouquet and flowered head band. My necklace and flip flops would give us a touch of sparkle with diamond starfish.

What if we had gotten married at the courthouse?
Courthouse Wedding

My wedding had close to 300 guests. Sometimes I get jealous of women who went down to the courthouse and shared their wedding vows with the only person who really matters. For my courthouse wedding I would wear a subtle grey dress with hints of hot pink. I probably would have to switch to the TOMS after the ceremony, but the heels would add some formality to the event.

Tomorrow if our official 2 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years already!

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