Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Week: The Big Question

It's the first Tuesday of summer break and I am spending it in a class learning critical reading strategies for non-fiction text. This is the glamorous life of a teacher. (I totally sang Glamorous by Fergie as I wrote out that word.)

I started this little blog a little over a year after the Mister and I tied the knot. Since then I have shared a couple posts about our wedding, (check them out here and here) but nothing full on. Well folks, in honor of our second wedding anniversary coming up, I am introducing Wedding Week!
Before the Mister and I got engaged I did get slightly impatient waiting for him to put a ring on it. At each major holiday, birthday, vacation etc, I though that it might happen. Thanksgiving in front of his extended family?  Christmas at my moms? Our Disneyworld vacation? Who wouldn't want to be proposed to in front of Cinderella's castle?  But as each of these events passed, I might have started to say things like "why buy the cow?" We bought a house. We adopted a dog. All signs pointed to forever.

Then, one day, I decided to stop worrying about it.

Fast forward to Summer '09. We packed up the car and the dog and drove to a week long getaway to the Rockaway Beach, on the beautiful Oregon coast.

We played fetch on the beach, rode sand trikes, took self portraits, mini-golf, petting zoo, saw a shark on the beach, hiked up Saddle Mountain and went to the Blue Heron French Cheese Factory.

Overall, it was a really fun getaway. During the day of our last night, I asked the Mister if he wanted to have a campfire on the beach. We got the fire wood ready, but decided to go out to dinner first. Dinner was delicious, but SO SLOW! By the time we were done, the sun had almost set, so we  the Mister had to set up our campfire in the dark.
Then, he got down on one knee and said "so it's time to buy the cow..." I'm sure he said more, but really, that phrase sticks out at me. He had a ring box and inside was a pink, glittery heart ring that looked straight out of the Miley Cyrus collection (this was 2009, so it was before she got skanky grew up). He decided that he didn't want to pick out my ring himself, so he got me that one as a stand in so I could pick my own. He had called his mom up, and asked for a ring box to put it in. (Apparently Miley's rings come in a plastic/cardboard package and hang up in the jewelry department at Walmart.)
You can see the heart ring on the top of the ornament I made out of our extra invitations.
Right after he proposed :)
The next day we called our families and friends and told them the great news! I proudly wore my Miley Cyrus ring until we I picked out my ring and had it sized.

Was your engagement a surprise? Would you want a proposal in front of a big crowd or just the two of you?


Ash the Bash said...

Mine was a surprise, Rodney had been acting weird all day and I suspected it for a minute but promptly forgot about it again. We had a lovely but uneventful day then as we were cooking dinner he came through and made me feel his thumping heart (still didn't twig!) then got down on one knee and asked. He also said quite a bit but I have forgotten it from all the OMG OMG OMG that was going on in my head!! It was lovely and it was just the two of us. Looking forward to the rest of wedding week :-)


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

that ornament is SUCH a cute idea! are you doing anything special for your anniversary?

Courtney M said...

I just got engaged last weekend and it was a BIG surprise. I never thought he was going to do it then but it turned out more perfect then I could imagine. He proposed at sunset on the water. After he asked me and I said yes of course, we noticed dolphins swimming in the water... It was just magic!