Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Running Edition

Today I headed up to Portland and ran in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I can honestly say I have not ran since December, at my last half marathon. What can I say, training is boring. The weather in Portland was overcast and slightly sprinkely, which was fine by me. I actually had a lot of fun, but the next one I do, I will train for it, because I am hurting now. So glad I took tomorrow as a personal day. In honor of my  adventure today, I have a running themed Sunday Funnies.
Running funny
RUNNING SUCKS funny tshirt gym workout shirt All by KustomTees, $9.95
Funny... yet true! And I literally hate running lol
Basset Hounds Running!  So funny.
Basset Hound Running- best thing ever
How was your weekend?


Courtney M said...

Congrats on completing ANOTHER half marathon! Pretty awesome...

Thanks for the bassett hound pic- I think I look like that when I'm running sometimes... Have a good week!

Kara said...

I saw the Rock N' Roll Half Marathon on the news! It looked pretty cool!

That first running funny is hilarious! :)