Monday, April 16, 2012

Kitchen Art

I wanted to share a super easy and cute little piece of kitchen art that I made last weekend. And bonus, the majority of the materials I found at the dollar store! 

8x10 (or larger) frame: $1 each
Utensils: Fork, spoon and knife: $1 each for 2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 knives
Batting: I bought mine by the yard, I spent around $2 on mine
Material (enough to cover the frame): I had used some that I already owned
Hot Glue: owned
Spray adhesive: owned (and you probably don't even need it)
Spray Paint: $5 
Total price: $12 for 2 complete sets with left over batting and spray paint

Start off by removing the glass from the frames. Be careful with the dollar store frames. The glass broke on mine with very little pressure. 

Take the card board and lay it down on top of the batting, cut enough batting to wrap around the sides. Do the same with the fabric.
I sprayed the cardboard with spray adhesive then added the batting, pulling it tight around the board. I then hot glues the batting in place. Take the fabric and do the same thing.

This is where I stopped taking pictures. But seriously this is easy. Take the frame and utensils outside, and cover them with spray paint. When they are dry, put the fabric covered board back in the frame, and hot glue the utensils to the fabric. Viola, you are done!
The lighting is awful in this picture. Yuck. I will get a better picture when I finish the whole wall art thing I am planning on doing. 

This was super easy, quick and cheap. Plus it looks cute on the wall.

As easy as this was, I did learn a couple things doing this. Lat month, I posted about my completely normal fear of spray paint. I will say if this was my first rodeo with spray paint, I would never have used it again. When I went to buy spray paint, I wanted something that would bond nicely to both plastic and metal, since that's what my stuff was made out of. So I chose this brand:
It did bond nicely, but the nozzle was awful. The paint came out at a weird angle and somehow my hand got covered in red spray paint. Maybe it was a faulty nozzle, maybe it was user error, I don't know, but I blame it on the shape of the nozzle.
This is a different, unused can (that's why the white plug thing is in it), but you can see the weird shape of it. 

Spray painters: What did I do wrong? What's your favorite brand of spray paint?


Krista Lynn said...

That is too cute!!! Very crafty and so simple, I might have to try this!! Thank you for sharing =D

Mrs. Robinson said...

I love Rustoleum! :)

I've done this in our kitchen with red & turquoise! fun!