Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dumb dumb dopplegangers

Today I opened up the old google reader and a couple of the fun blogs I read were participating in a little link up to show your celebrity doppleganger. I love these things so I am in. I get told pretty frequently that I look like someone. No celebrities or anything, always someone's cousin, neighbor, cousin's neighbor, or cousin's neighbors friend. So I went to the hosting blog got the link to the site that she used and excitedly uploaded a cute picture from Valentine's this year.

Then this popped up:
Hmm.. Monica Bellucci? She's seems pretty...I IMDB'ed her, and apparently she is a foreign film actress. She also played Magdalene in the Passion of the Christ. Not too shabby. Also according to IMDB, she was born in 1964... making her 48. But really, I don't look like any of these people. And an 83% match to Tom Hanks? No. Also seriously, could they have found a more goofy looking picture of Ryan Seacrest? I thought, I will try again.

I shouldn't have.
Seriously? ALL BALD MEN? What in the heck. And Nick Nolte? Are you serious?? Do you notice there is not even a woman on there?

It could be worse I guess.

It could be this picture of Nick Nolte.

Okay, third times a charm, right? The hat must have made me look bald. I found a nice picture from our engagement pictures. This should be good. No hat, nice smile. Boom.
Who is this Zinedine Zidane?  He's yummy :)

Are you effing kidding me? Nick Nolte again? And Mel Brooks. This has got to be a joke. At least Jamie Pressly is on here. 

This picture also had the Mister in it:
Why does this website think he is an African American Super model? Or Steven Speilberg? If he's Billy Bob Thornton, am I Angelina Jolie (and this is the year 2000)

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

Who is your celebrity doppleganger? Will I be jealous?


Melissa said...

Ahahahahaha. This is hilarious. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you like what you see (ahem my Topher Grace looking self) and my post, feel free to join the party and follow along.

Nick Nolty is pretty bad, but I'm really really losing it over your husband. He must really know how to smile with his eyes.

I'm about to follow you.

emily said...

Hahah, that website has to be a joke! I mean seriously! I got Danny Glover twice. TWO TIMES! WTF. I am white, 24 year old, female.. or maybe not?!

Hilary said...

Aw man! Don't feel bad - I got the male lookalikes as well!

Jena Kay said...

Your husbands doppelgangers are killing me! I was laughing out loud.

I thought my Wayne Newton was bad, but this is horrible. These sites are crazy!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Oh my god.
I laughed so hard...
First at your comment you left me... Then when I saw it for my own eyes.

You totally could be Nick Nolte's long lost daughter.

Laurin said...

LOL! I think you're right, we MUST be dopplegangers! Nick Nolte, Steve Austin, and Zinedine Zidane... we are so, so lucky!

Elise said...

Haha, that's too funny! I agree- Zinedane Zidane is a hottie!

gadabout said...

Too funny! I don't think we should trust these doppelganger sites- so depressing! We definitely don't look like men and he so doesn't look like an african american GIRL model!