Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's Hear it for Friday

Where does the time go? I promise I am not really trying to ignore my little blog, Things have just been busy busy busy.

What better way to join back to the blogging world with one of my favorites: High Five for Friday.

Today is technically the first day of SPRING BREAK!!! But, due to half a foot of SNOW, we got an extra day off yesterday too!

In some parts of the country, snow in late March is normal, but definitely not here. On Wednesday we had a  two hour delay, and then had to stay late for Parent-Teacher conferences. Thursday was supposed to be a 12 hour work day of parent teacher conferences, but Mother Nature had other plans. While I am high-fiving the bonus day off, I am ready for some sunshine!
The Mister and I are planning our summer vacation! His parents are so generous and let us use their timeshare points for our vacation. We decided to go to Kauai in August. We went there last summer too. I feel so incredibly blessed that we are going back to Hawaii. I can't wait for some more of this

These babies came in the mail!
I am so excited to see Aziz Ansari in person! I first saw him in 30 Minutes or Less and I couldn't stop laughing. Then we got into Parks and Rec and then we started to look up youtube clips of his stand up routines and his sketch comedy. It's two days after our second wedding anniversary, and it will be a fantastic way to celebrate!

I got my first one this month. I've never been really into make-up/products, but for the last 6 months or so I have been drawn to that stuff. This month I was graced with a yummy Kate Spade perfume sample, some Essie polish, and $10 off at Modcloth (among other thing!)

My brother is here right now, starting to rip up our carpet and install the flooring that has been in our garage for months. So excited to get rid of the carpet!

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Courtney*Cakes said...

Not fair! I want to go to Hawaii!