Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid Week Confessions: Take 7

Wednesday! Who has some confessin' to do??? Head on over to e,myself and I and check it out!

The Mister totally beat me at Valentine's this year: tulips, a milk chocolate lady bug, a card and a super cute bird necklace from this etsy shop. I got him some Hershey Kisses and some chore coupons. I didn't even get him a card.

I bought this settee last weekend for $5 at a garage sale with the intent of recovering it. I am realizing now this will be harder than I had originally thought.
Actually, I wasn't thinking. I saw it was $5 and thought "ooh! I like projects."

I am terrible at keeping secrets. So much so that I won't hang out with people until I don't have to keep the secret any more.

I teared up during Jennifer Hudson's Grammy performance of I Will Always Love You.

I really want to know if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant or not. My secret pal at work got me a Star magazine and the cover story was about Jennifer's twins that she is expecting. But hasn't she been pregnant for the last 2 or 3 years?
School was closed the last two Mondays (furlough day and Presidents Day). I decided to take a personal day on Friday just because I can. The Mister asked if I ever work. I do, I just don't want to this week.


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

ummm we're too much alike... exhibit "A" - I also got misty eyed during Hudson's Whitney tribute, "B" - I'm the WORST secret keeper; I almost died when I had to keep our baby's sex on the DL for a full week until our gender reveal party and "C" I just bought a $10 buffet/hutch that's sitting on our front porch waiting for me to go all pinterest on it. Did we just become best friends? haha {Stepbrothers' quote}.

Crispin said...

um love the settee! good score!