Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mid-week Confessions- take 3

Wasn't there an R. Kelly song and in the chorus he sings "these are my confessions?" Maybe it was Usher. Every time I go to start writing (or reading!) these posts, that song pops into my head.

Boom. Thank you Youtube.

-I really enjoy going to Zumba. Like a lot. Yesterday though my Zumba class was ruined for me. You see, there is this older woman that goes to my gym and she has taken a variety of group fitness classes. This woman yells out these "whoop whoop" noises for the entire hour we are in class. She does this in every class. I'm not sure if it bothers any one else, but it really throws me out of my zone. She showed up to my Zumba class and immediately started with the "whoop whoops." I was almost to the point that I wanted to walk out of class early. I know I just need to suck it up, because its not like I can say anything to her. I do hope that when I am her age I will still get down in a Zumba class.
- I want to cut my hair. I like it at chin length. BUT I also really like using hot rollers and making my hair curly. These are the big problems in life friends.
-Actually, I really like getting compliments from my students on my curled hair.
-Yesterday we had a two hour delay due to "inclimate weather." Only about half my classes showed up all day. I scrapped my lesson plan and showed a video on teen obesity. And then gave out a crossword puzzle. Teacher of the Year Award here I come.
-My case of baby fever has gotten a bit bigger. I blame it on this picture.
This is me, the Mister, and the Mister's best friend's 3 year old daughter.

-I am getting slightly obsessed with buying fabric. I would be buying a lot more, except the ladies who do the fabric cutting always ask what you are making. Would it be weird to say, I just want to buy all these pretty fabrics to look at and organize in my craft room?
-I want to learn to quilt. Mostly so that I can make my future baby's bedding. And so I can buy more fabric.
-I am looking for new books to read. Anytime I ask for suggestions I hear "Hunger Games." The more I get told to read it, the less I want to. I know I am just being stubborn, I did the same thing with Harry Potter. (FYI- I did eventually read them all.)
-I bought one of those single cup coffee makers with my Christmas money. I love it. Except I want to drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a morning day. 

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emily said...

I love Zumba too, but hate the constant "whooping"! Annoying.

I'd love to learn how to quilt too. I guess I'll need to learn how to actually sew first! ha!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Sheena said...

I love fabric too! I thought I was the only one!

Lea said...

love these confessions! :) oh girl i love me some fabric--got to stay out of Joann's unless I actually need something! hmm.. book suggestions... i really did like the hunger games, but i also just finished Ender's Game and it was REALLY good.

Have a good week!