Thursday, November 10, 2011

A typical Day

#8 on my 30 before 30 list is "Eat vegan for a week." My plan is to start on Sunday, and go through Saturday, however the Mister's family is having a Harvest Party/get together and there is always really yummy food and cake, so I might put it off until Monday if we decide to go to it. Anywho, my friend K's sister has been eating vegan for quite awhile now and she sent me some recipes to try out. I am really excited to try Soba with Miso-Tahini Sauce, Mushroom & Squash Casserole with Green Confetti, and a bunch of yummy sounding desserts she sent me.  I also have been pinning things like crazy to prepare. Here are some of the yummys I am drooling over...
Quinoa and Black Beans

Avocado Pudding

Peach-Rice Pudding

Vegan Pad Thai
At first I thought eating vegan wouldn't be that huge of a change. I don't eat a ton of meat, in fact I haven't had red meat in 16 or 17 years, but I do eat chicken, fish and the occasional pork dish. But today, I really thought about what I was eating, and realized this vegan thing will change quite a bit. Let's take a look at today's meals:

Bagel, cream cheese, small glass of milk
Egg Nog Latte

Chicken Salad Sandwich(with feta, low fat mayo and dried cranberries), peach yogurt

Shrimp, baked potato (margarine, green onion, sour cream), salad (ranch on the side), Diet Coke

Cherry Cutie pie and a glass of milk.

I think if this was my vegan week I could eat the bread from the sammy and the salad without the dressing. Clearly, I heart dairy products. I will update the blog with my eating adventure next week and let you know what recipes I try out, and how they are!

Do you have any yummy vegan recipes that I must try? Would you give up dairy/meat for a week?

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Elaine said...

for vegan try:
i'm not vegan either, but she has great posts and has some really good recipes too!