Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's here!

It's no surprise that I enjoy crafting and DIY projects. It might be a surprise that I don't have a sewing machine. Until now!

It's just a basic machine, and I think it will be fine for my needs. The Mister said if it is something I really like, I can upgrade later. It sounds like he is approving of my new hobby :)

I have sewn before. I took Home Ec. in 8th grade and made boxers. And scrunchies. Lots of scrunchies.

Since then, I have also made a set of place mats and super basic curtains for my first apartment.  I have wanted a sewing machine for quite a while now, and the other day I just decided to do it and order one off Amazon. So I got online, found a few basic models, read reviews, and ordered one. Two days later, it was on my front door! I have few projects in  mind, but I want to practice first. I also want to set up a table in the craft room as a sewing table. I am really excited that Friday is a day off work so I can get started!

Are you starting any new crafty projects? Did you decide to join the Dare to DIY challenge?

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Elaine said...

my mom has this awesome old swinger that i haven't seen her use since i was a kid...i should have her haul it out again and get some lessons! i'd love to learn some of her skills!