Friday, October 7, 2011

Gus and Allison

Blogland, I have two very important reasons for you to head out to your local animal shelters today! Please, meet Gus Dog and Allison Kitty.
Gus and Allison are both shelter pets, and they. are. awesome.
Let's start with Allison, shall we?

I adopted Allison 6+ years ago when she was just 8 weeks old. She has been the best kitty and companion I could have asked for. She is extremely feisty (still!) and will randomly just run around for no good reason. She is an indoor only cat, unless of course she has her leash on. As she is getting older she also enjoys cuddling on the couch and napping. She did just learn how to open the bedroom closet, so now to find away to keep that from happening! (She sheds. A lot.)

Blogland, meet Mister Gus Dog.
After the Mister and I bought our house, we started looking at shelters for a dog. This decision was completely mutual and I did not have to beg or bring it up 1000 times a day. (Is there a sarcasm font?) Our requirements for a dog was this: not a puppy, house trained, and MUST get along with cats. We also didn't really want a small dog, more of a medium sized one. We were hoping to get a dog at the beginning of summer so I could be home with him at first. We visited many dogs in 4 or 5 shelters before we met Gus. His name was McFly, and honestly, he didn't impress me much. He was super drooly and his white face just made him look old. We passed on him and put a deposit down on this younger golden retriever mix. In the end, that dog did not like cats, despite what her paperwork said. The shelter worker suggested we go back to McFly because he was so calm around cats. We took him outside, played a little fetch and decided we would be his forever family. That was 2 1/2 years ago.

Allison was given to the Humane Society as part of a litter of kittens. She and her sisters were fostered and then put up for adoption. When I met her, she was the last one left. Her paperwork even said "would be great if adopted with one of her sisters." Sad! I remember seeing her trying to climb up the side of her little kitty jail and I knew she had to come home with me. Gus had a little bit rougher of a story. He was a stray when he came to the Humane Society. After 2 months he was adopted, and then brought back. Sad! We met Gus about a month after that. He is pretty fearful of other dogs, fireworks, the dark etc. but he is also very loving and friendly with every person he meets.

Shelters everywhere are full of loving pets just looking for a forever family. If you are looking for a furry addition to your family, please consider going to a shelter instead of a breeder. Shelters have pets of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes. A lot of times they even have purebred dogs and puppies. If you are not able to adopt, please, please, please think about donating pet food, toys and beds. The economy is real rough right now, and our furry friends are suffering too. Many shelters have seen an increase in animals being surrendered and a decrease in donations.

And of course, there is one thing all responsible pet owners should do: have your pets spayed and neutered!

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