Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 before 30: Sunday Update #3

I think I am going to do an update every other week. That way it gives me some time to work on the goals and actually have something to report!

1. Vegas with my hubby!- The trip is booked for mid-December, and we are starting to plan what shows and attractions we want to go to. And thanks to the 90% off sale at this week, we have a $25 gift certificate for a Mexican restaurant inside the Hard Rock that only cost me $2! If we decide not to use it, it's no big deal!

2. Finish another 1/2 Marathon- "The Holiday Half" on December 11th. My training is off to a slow start, but I have started. I am hoping my runs start to feel better soon!

7. Lose some weight- I met with a trainer at my gym and discussed my goals, my running schedule and also took measurements so I know where I am starting. I am hoping if I follow my running/weights schedule, and and am "good" when it comes to food, I will see some results by the time we go to Vegas. She really tried to stress to me the importance of inches lost and muscle gained vs. the number on the scale. Intrinsically I understand that, but it's hard not to use the scale to gauge progress.

9. Cook a new recipe once a week- LOVE this goal! I have been having fun, and posting on Thursdays has made me feel accountable for this. I think I might try a turkey breast for this week's recipe. Roth's had a really good deal on them 2 weeks ago, so I bought 2 and put them in the freezer.

10. Let people know about this little blog and get some followers & 11. Continue blogging 4-7 posts a week- I have been doing pretty good at this one. I am writing, and also commenting on my favorite blogs and have got some more traffic from that.

12. Clean out the spare room (formally wedding room, now disaster room)- Check this off the list because it. is. done.

16. No fast food for a month (Does Subway count? What about Dutch Bros/Starbucks??I will have to decide...)- Today is October 2nd, and I started this yesterday. As far as the coffee places/Subway debate goes, I keep hearing my principal's voice. "What is the intent?" Usually she is talking about the school rules, but I can apply it to this. The intent of this goal is to make sure I am not eating crap, and not wasting money. So... no go to coffee or Subway.

18. Do something from my pinterest boards- I've done a few things, but I don't want to check this one off yet. There is too many cute things that I want to do.

27. Stay a week ahead at work- I'm doing pretty good at this, but the grading period is ending in two weeks, and I haven't planned for the next 6 weeks. I better get on that.

28. Floss- I started out strong on this one, then I started slacking again, but I am back at it now.

29. Put 10% in savings from each paycheck- Friday was payday. I transferred the money over. And the Mister and I started working on a new monthly budget. Super fun to be an adult.

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