Friday, September 30, 2011

My Next 5 Pinterest Projects

I've said it before, I puffy heart Pinterest. I have already made a poster for my classroom based off of a pin, some delish wine slushies and my zucchini casserole I made was also a pin. But, I want to do more! According to Pinterest, I have 92 pins. That is 92 projects/recipes/great ideas that I must do. Tonight. Well, not really tonight. But soon. Maybe tomorrow :)

1. Wedding Invitation Ornament
I have already bought the ornament and I found a couple extra wedding invitations. I still have my bouquet too, so I plan on using ribbon from that. I will definitely post when I do it :)

2. Christmas Wreath
Is it weird that it is still September and I bought my wreath frame and some bright green, red and white yarn a couple days ago?

3. Pet Silhouettes

I loved the look of silhouettes when I was planning the wedding, and I wanted to do it, but all I saw in my head was the people at Disneyland who cut them out freehand. I never even looked up online tutorials or anything. Dumb me. BUT I would love to make two of these cuties: one for Allison and one for Gus. I even have the perfect place to hang them.

4. Mummykin

Do I even need to comment on this cutie-patootie?

5. Mini-Pies
This was an idea I discovered during wedding planning. I thought the individual pies would make the most lovely favors. But with a guest list of 200+ it wasn't happening.  I rediscovered it on Pinterest last weekish. I have two gallons of picked berries in the freezer and a bunch of wide mouth half-pint jars ready to be filled with pie goodness.

Narrowing down my 92 was really hard. maybe I will do this again next Friday or the Friday after :)

I will leave you with one of the funniest things I have found on Pinterest.

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