Monday, September 12, 2011

My Pink Book

As a bridal shower gift, Cindi (the Mister's best man's wife) got me a blank pink journal. She also gave me some photocopied pages out of her journal that she uses as a place to write out her recipes that she makes. At the time I liked it but it got pushed aside with the upcoming wedding etc. A few months after the wedding as I was starting to clean out the wedding room going through some of my wedding things I found it again and really looked at what she had given me. The photocopied pages included the cover and the first page, as well as several of her handwritten recipes. On her cover she had notes all over it about her cute hubby, her upcoming birthdays etc. She had been keeping this journal since 1993, and she had quite the collection!.

Slowly, I have been filling up my recipe journal, and it is becoming one of my favorite things. When I make a new recipe, weather I got it from one of my cookbooks, a magazine or the Internet, I ask the Mister if it should "go in the pink book." A "yes" means that I will make it again. The recipes aren't organized by type or main ingredient, and there aren't any pictures with them, but I know that both the Mister and I liked it.

I turn to the pink book when I am meal planning or starving and want something yummy. Not every dinner I make goes in there. The enchiladas I have made since high school for example, aren't in there because I don't need a recipe for those. I also don't need a recipe for spaghetti, french bread pizza, or the frozen pasta meals (those are great, BTW) that I keep in the freezer for nights that we both work late and are out of leftovers. And the gross ones don't make it either. (There was a Crockpot lasagna that never had a chance and a chicken dish a couple weeks ago that didn't quite make the cut.) I also holds the recipes that I print or cut out of magazines that I want to try in the future.

I wish that I had been keeping this since we got married. Fail. I also wish I had dated all of the recipes, but I started doing that a couple months ago. I love having this mini-cookbook that is filled with stuff that we both like!

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