Thursday, August 14, 2014

Grace's Birth Story, Part 1

Before I left for work June 6, 2014. 37 weeks pregnant
Friday June 6. This date had been written on the board for weeks. I told my students that all work was due that day. They had another week of school, but just in case the baby chose an early birthday, all their work needed to be turned in by then in order to be graded. My due date wasn't until June 27, but I wanted to avoid getting a million assignments the day before school was out when I just wanted to be home. At the end of each class on Friday I said "Get your work to me by 3:00! Have a great weekend! See you Monday." I did have a few kids come in after school to finish their final projects and drop stuff off. I stayed until 4:30 grading and entering things.

Saturday morning (June 7) I went and walked through the neighborhood garage sale at the airpark with my friend and her family. I found no treasures but enjoyed a good hour+ long walk. After coming home, Craig and I headed over to his Uncle's strawberry fields to pick. Well, Craig picked berries and I drank some ice water watching the two buckets fill up. When we got home I was pretty worn out so the berries waited a day. Well, we ate a bunch of fresh berries and strawberry shortcake :)

Sunday (June 8) I made a ton of strawberry jam, and prepared and froze over 25 cups of berries for smoothies etc. I kept one big bowl of fresh ones for snacking. And more shortcake. I went to bed pretty early that night. As the activities coordinator, the last week of school is a big one and I needed all the sleep I could get.

However I woke up several times during the night. Each time I woke up I felt something, but I would go to the bathroom and everything was normal so I just went back to sleep. At 4:28 (I looked at the clock!) I was woken up with what felt like Grace giving me a big punch and then a gush. I grabbed Craig's arm. "I think my water just broke."


Jen said...

Congrats! She is absolutely precious!

Erika said...

Look how sweeeeet!!!!!

Becky Dougherty said...

Well, hello there, friend! This is definitely a teaser of a post!! Can't wait to rad more! Congratulations!! She is beautiful!

Angi said...

Ah I have been waiting for this! I can't wait to hear the rest...she is so cute!