Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reverse bucket list

Disclaimer: Rachel did this post first. I thought it was genius. So I thought I would try it out.

With all the focus this time of year on what we want to accomplish, sometimes I think we tend to forget about the cool things we have already done. Obviously I am not trying to brag or say how great my life has been, this has just been a good reminder that I have done some pretty amazing things.

In no particular order: things I can cross off my bucket list.
1. Get a Masters Degree.

2. Marry an amazing guy.

3. Run a marathon.
4. Go to Hawaii.

5. Hike a volcano
It was super windy on top of the volcano. And super foggy :(

6. Travel by myself in a foreign country.
**I actually got pretty lost in Germany. There were two other Americans on the same train I was on that were also lost. Turns out they were from my home town and we knew some of the same people. Small world!
7. Bungee Jump
8. Buy a house.
9. Go to the World Cup
Germany 2006

10. Visit a concentration camp

11. Vegas at Christmas time

12. Hike in the Grand Canyon
13. Hitchhike
14. Snorkel
15. Have a career that I love and that makes a difference
16. Set a high score on an arcade game
17. Adopt a pet from a shelter (two of them actually!)

18. Be snowed in.
19. Pay off my student loans :)
**I just sent off the last payment this week. Good riddance Sallie Mae!

What can you cross off your bucket list?


Steph said...

Cool idea! And great list...congrats on paying off those student loans!!!

Becky Dougherty said...

What a neat idea! It's cool to look at things that you've already crossed off your bucket list! Big congrats on oaying off your student loans! :)

Rachel said...

:) Oh yeah, I've been snowed in, too! And paying off your student loans, that's a big accomplishment!! Hurray! That must be fun not to think about anymore!
I don't think I'd try bungee jumping but I know Angel would.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Great post idea, you have a lot to be proud of.

HOLLER for paying off your student loans. Good riddance Sally!

Erin said...

this is so cool!!! too often we just think about the things we have yet to do instead of being proud of what we have done!!

Michelle said...

Um, this is awesome. I saw Rachel do it too and I've thought about doing it. Now I will!