Sunday, September 29, 2013

#Skirtember Fail

I started this month with all kinds of hopes for Skirtember. This was going to be the school year that I dress up everyday. This was going to be the school year where I look cute and professional at work.

Then the second week of September happened.

Actually, I did keep wearing "nice" teacher clothes. Well, I haven't worn a hoodie to work yet so that's gotta mean something. Here are my last two entries into Skirtember. I did actually wear my blue striped dress one other time.
The red dress has white polka dots all over it and it's from Old Navy a couple years ago. The dress on the right has a birds all over it and is called the Portland dress from Down East Basics

The biggest problem I ran into was that I really don't own any skirts. Well, I have one I bought in Guatemala and another one I bought at Target during one of the fancy designer sale things, but it's kind of short. One of my 13 in '13 is to sew more, and I have quite a few skirts to make on my Pin boards.

high waisted skirt tutorial

cute skirt to make
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15 Free Knee Length Skirt Patterns for Adult Women.  Instructions included!
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Five maxi skirt sewing tutorials.
I am not joining in Skirtember for the last day today. It's sports day at school, so I am dressed in full snowboarding gear- goggles and boots included. 

Have you ever sewn a skirt? 


Jen said...

I absolutely love your dresses, they are so cute! You look great.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Love your dresses!

I have a ton of dresses, skirts, not a zillion.

Becky Dougherty said...

Those dresses are cute! :) I've never sewn a skirt. I made a pair of pajamas once...they weren't great. lol But I'd like to give a skirt or dress a try!