Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lessons from this summer

One part of being a good teacher is also being a life long learner. This summer I have been to 2 different professional development conferences and learned quite a bit that I will take back to my classroom, however I thought I would focus on some other things I have learned this summer.

1. There is a Royal Gynecologist
Who knew that was even a job title?

2. In the middle of downtown in a capitol city, chickens can escape
A truck carrying live chickens through downtown Salem overturned creating havoc. And now PETA is asking permission to erect a statue of a crippled chicken at the site of the accident.
I wish I was making this up.

3. MLM businesses freak me out
I do love me some smelly candles and personalized totes, but I don't like the cultish aspect of some of the pushy distributors. I have a Facebook friend that is really into some coffee thing whose name reminds my of bat poop. 

4. Candy Crush is the devil

What have you learned this summer?


Erin said...

please post a photo if that statue gets erected (ha i said erected)

also, amen to #3 I have a friend who just got involved with one of the cults for fitness shakes and he keeps trying to get me to drink teh koolaid. I want to be like hey I am not buying that shit and two thanks for thinking i am fat enough to need it :)

Jen said...

Haha they really want to build a statue?! Wow!

Jenifer Fontenot said...

There is a hilarious SNL skit with Martin Short about the Royal Gyno!

Who knew chickens could walk on crutches??

Funny post :)

Angi said...

I can't stand PETA. Don't tell my vegan friends.

I've never been interested in those types of businesses. I don't know why, they always just seem shady. Or overpriced.

Becky Dougherty said...

Candy Crush IS the devil....but I can't stop playing it!

Rachel said...

Ugh MLM is the devil. Especially when it spills over into close friends. Just stop!

Erika said...

Right with you on hating MLM. I remember back in the good ol' days when the only MLM was like...Mary Kay and Avon. And the ladies selling it were extremely un-culty. Such blissful ignorance we lived in.

Kristin said...

...that as soon as you make new friends, new friends will expect you to show up to the parties they consult. And then buy stuff.

Alison said...

Candy Crush and I have such a love-hate relationship. I can't stop playing and it can't stop giving me ridiculous challenges.

Sometimes I really don't understand PETA. I'm sure all of those chickens were bred in a mass production farm, not very PETA friendly. But, I hope that chicken statue gets put up so I can one day visit it. Haha

lil desiqua said...

Um, that chicken statue is really disturbing. And I've heard soo much about how addicting Candy Crush is, seriously most of my coworkers are even addicted to it- which is exactly why I won't play!

Michelle said...

THE CHICKEN STATUE. I can't handle this. Hilarious. I hate PETA so much.

Michelle said...

THE CHICKEN STATUE. I can't handle this. Hilarious. I hate PETA so much.

Michelle said...

THE CHICKEN STATUE. I can't handle this. Hilarious. I hate PETA so much.