Sunday, June 2, 2013

13 in '13: May Update

Good bye May! It's time to check out how I am doing on my 13 in '13.

After last month's snafu with the mortage payment, I am back to my normal savings schedule: 10% of my check goes into savings, and then 50% of what ever is left at the end of the month. It's not a perfect plan, but it is working so far. Maybe this summer I will look into a CD or something.

We are slowly going through the stuff in the garage. This is one goal that is going to take us awhile to accomplish.

I got mom's house officially listed with our real estate agent this month and within 24 hours we had a full priced offer! Yay! Then, they ended up backing out of the deal. Boo. Then we had another full priced offer. We are now waiting for an inspection etc. I am afraid to get my hopes up.

I'm up to 7 books for the year. That really isn't all that impressive, but summer is here!

I have done so bad at this! I even gave myself a little reward if I were to meet my 12 hours a month goal and I can say I did nothing for the month of may except for maybe a walk. Here's hoping that June goes better!

In May I helped out at a second track meet for my school.
As we are going through the garage, we are also starting to take quite a few trips over to the Goodwill drop off. It's good to get rid of stuff.

These monthly check-ins are keeping my 13 goals for the year at the forefront of my mind. It's so easy to forget about  resolutions after January 3rd. I am not doing too bad so far, although there are still quite a few that I haven't done anything for yet. How are you doing on your resolutions?


Jen said...

Praying that this deal goes smoothly with the house!

Erika said...

Yes, praying to hear good news about selling the house! And sorry to hear that even the thought of new Nikes wasn't enough to motivate a couple runs outta you. :) I think you should get the Endomondo app and be my friend on it and then you will feel peer pressured into working out more to avoid embarrassment? It's been very motivating for me!! Ha.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Fingers crossed for a smooth inspection and a closed deal! That will be nice to have that off of your shoulders.

I am the freaking WORST with exercise this year. I don't know what happened.

Becky Dougherty said...

Sounds like you are making good progress! Congratulations!

burun estetigi said...

Thanks Sandra to offer me, Will contact soon. Right now planning for transferring pensions of my uncle.
burun estetigi

Katie said...

hoping that everything goes through with the house!! and I don't read much during the school year but lots during the summer!

Rachel said...

I had to giggle just a little bit at "park in the garage". That's because my grandparents haven't been able to park in their own garage for thirty years. We've tried to help them clean in out, but they just keep putting more stuff back in it. I'm sure your garage isn't nearly such a problem--but they definitely can become problems. We don't park in our garage, mostly because the doors are the old fashioned kind that you have to raise and lower by hand and that's so annoying.