Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend (un)adventures

Honestly, we've been having some pretty low key weekends around here. I spend most a completely acceptable amount of time in my jammies. (To be fair, sometimes I shower and then put on a clean set.) That's why I haven't been doing weekend recaps lately. I changed out of my jammies a couple of times this weekend, so I figure I should document it.

This weekend (well Thursday night) I...
played in my bunco group! It was our first get together, and we are planning on doing it the first Thursday of every month. I made an amazing fruit dip. Some of the ladies even thought the home ec teacher made it, which totally made my day.
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I actually found this recipe on Pinterest while shopping for snacks for bunco night.  
Mix on medium speed... 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 8 ounce package of cream cheese until combined.
Add in... 1 cup sour cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Fold in... 1 cup (ish) Cool Whip
Let chill and serve with fruit slices. Or a spoon. It's that good.

This weekend I...
...tried to make this guy feel as comfortable as possible. 

This is Kanobi, my mom's cat. I guess technically he was my cat first. I got him when I was a sophomore in high school, and when I moved away to college he had to stay behind. If you are doing the math right, you will notice that this old man is 15 years old. He actually got out of my mom's house the day she passed away, and it took my brother almost a month to get him back in the house. Last weekend the mister and I headed up to my mom's house and were finally able to catch him and bring him to our house. Currently he has his own room in the house and we are slowly getting the other animals use to him. My dog couldn't care less. My cat on the other hand...
This weekend I...
A felt tree for children to decorate again and again
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...hung out with the BFF and started to make one of these felt Christmas trees for her daughter. She is 17 months old and the idea is that she will play with this tree instead of the big one. We just were cutting out ornaments and I don't have any pictures of what we made, but I will get some once it is all put up in their house. 

How was your weekend? Have you ever played bunco?


Jen said...

Aww Kanobi is adorable, I hope your cat adjusts to him quickly.

Rachel said...

That tree idea is a winner! I made some magnet ones for my class last year, it was the best two hours I spent outside of the classroom!

Angi said...

Hmmm...what is Bunco?

Good idea for the tree! Better slap some glitter on some of those ornaments know, the whole "Oooh shiny!" factor ;)

Kaitlyn said...

That dip looks awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


Katie said...

So nice of you to take care of that kitty. I just re-adopted my/my sister/ my parent's cat that's been banished to outside ever since my parent's got a dog. I finally took pity on her and brought her to my house. :)