Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My favorite things

And you get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car! Oh Oprah, I miss you.
I'm not Oprah, but I did an amazing photoshop on this picture.

Okay, I used Paint. Photoshop is too hard for me.
About this time of year is when people very generously start asking "what do you want for Christmas?"  I never have anything to say. I thought I would post about my favorite things, so you can add them to your Holiday wish list, and maybe you could post your favorite things, and then I can steal your favorite things and put them on my list.
My favorite things

1. bare Minerals. I started using bare Minerals last year, and I love it. It evens out my skin tone and takes just a minute or two to apply. If you are looking for a new foundation, try it out.
2. Foaming hand soap from Bath and Body Works. This might be silly, but this is my favorite hand soap. Right now we have three different bottles being used in our house, all different smells. I would LOVE some of these under my tree.
3. Keurig. I am the only coffee drinker in the house, and this is a no brainer for a single cup brewer. So easy to make and clean.
4. Gilmore Girls on DVD. This is my favorite show. So many good things to say about it. Except season 6. I hate season 6.
5. essie. Who can't use more nail polish colors? I had always thought $8 was too much for nail polish and then 2 things happened: 1) I tried essie and it is so much better and nicer than cheap polishes. The other thing? I read a blog post. I don't remember who wrote it. Basically she said that nail polish trends are something that she never felt guilty about buying the higher quality product for  because in all reality it is still only about $10. If you are following another trend, the high quality item might be $100's. That post changed the way I look at life. Did you write it?
6. TOMS. These are my most favorite shoes of all time. I have two pairs and I need about 5 more.
7&8. B&N nook and nook cover. This is my exact cover. I got it at this etsy site and I think it's the cutest thing ever. The quality is excellent, however I use Mr. Nook at the beach and outside and the light background is starting to get a bit icky looking. When I replace this adorable cover, I will find one with a darker background. She has a couple I am already eyeing.

These are some of my favorite things, what are yours? I need some ideas for my list!


LaynahRose said...

I love love love all of those things bit I've never owned a pair of Toms! Judging from our similartaste id probably love them lol

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

That is the only soap I use! Specifically, the eucalyptus mint scent. It's at all of my sinks.

I did not write that post about the nail polish, but I am behind it 100%. I only buy Essie anymore, with an OPI thrown in here or there.

Rachel said...

I'm starting to work on my wishlist too, so that I have good answers to give people when they ask. And would it be a really shallow reason to say that being able to buy Essia and OPI nail polishes for the low price of $4 was part of the reason I decided to become a cosmetologist? Yeah, that would be a bad reason, wouldn't it?

Tarabelle said...

This is such a good idea; do you mind if share it and use it as a future blog post? I will be happy to mention your post with a link :) Let me know!


Micah Chaplin said...

Wow, we have so much in common. I should have been following your blog months ago.

Also, Oprah is doing another Favorite Things this Sunday on OWN. For military wives. I already know I'm going to cry. :)