Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Controversial Issue

I haven't posted any deep important thoughts lately, so in honor of the changing weather around here, it's time I dig down and share with you my thoughts on UGG Boots.

First off, I am pro-UGG. I know there is a lot of conflicting thoughts on the matter, but I think they are cute. This, however is not cute.
While UGGs are cute, they are also practical. Here in Oregon, it gets cold. Not like Alaska cold, but its hard for me to get out of bed in the morning because of the cold. And it's my first cold season with our non-carpeted floors. UGG boots=warm feet in the morning. 

UGGs are comfy. UGGs are the perfect shoe for a lazy day. They are as comfy/warm as slippers but they hold up if you need to run outside. Or to the store. Or anywhere else. 

Seriously, what is more comfy than fur lined boots? Um fur coats maybe. I mean faux fur. Don't get all PETA on me. 

I fully admit to wearing my UGGs as shoes. And I fully admit to wearing them to work. A lot. It started by me bringing them to wear on my prep period, then one day I was changing out of my rain boots, and instead of the "nice" work shoes I brought, I gave in and just wore the UGGs all day. And guess what? I still taught. My students still learned. And my feet were comfy. And warm. And my students complimented them. ("You wear UGGs?" Is a compliment from an 8th grader, right? They also say that whenever I wear TOMS.)

The Mister hates UGG boots. He is wrong. Are you pro-UGG or not? What fashion trends do you love or hate?


Jen said...

Hey as long as people are comfortable that's all that matters. I have nothing against UGGS.

Kristin said...

I usually wear them too on jeans day (uhhhh everyday, but I keep it to Friday).
When there's 3 feet of snow and it's windy and -20*, there's no other shoe that will do.

Rachel said...

UGGs Toms. I'm for them all!

Angi said...

I still haven't taken the Uggs plunge...I think I'm having a hard time because around here, I pretty much only see high schoolers wearing them. I need to get over the mental block that they're teenager shoes...because they sure look warm and comfortable!!!

collettakay said...

I'm ALL about the comfort, Baby! lol


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

definitely pro Ugg - although I only have a cheap knock off pair - my favourite way to wear them is with straight leg jeans rolled once to expose the boot at ankle height. This paired with a butt hiding down coat and colourful pashmina type scarf is my go to winter outfit up in Canada eh.
good for you for tackling the tuff issues on your blog ;) xo

Michelle said...

I am 100% pro Ugg! I can understand why some people think they're ugly. But when you live in Ohio and it's -10 degrees and you have to drive to work in a blizzard? Uggs are necessary! Plus? I feel like I'm walking on clouds make of sheepskin.

I love that picture. When I went to school in North Carolina, every girl thought it was adorable to prance around in booty shorts and ugg boots. First, it makes NO sense! Is it summer? Is it the dead of winter? WHAT IS HAPPENING.