Friday, June 22, 2012

6/22 Wedding Week: Friday Letters Edition

For Wedding Week, I have decided to write Friday Letters to myself. But Me two years ago before the wedding, with things that I wish I would have known before the wedding. 

Dear Prewedding Casey,
Your husband's aunties (all 15+ of them) will help with wedding set up/clean up in so many ways. It is amazing. You will feel so loved and like such a part of the family. However, they will not see your vision with your tissue poms that you spent months working on. You know what? You like them and if you want them hanging above your cake, you hang them above your cake. They (the poms) do not have to be banished to the beer tent.

Your DJ is not very good. I mean, he's okay, but get him a list of songs you want played. When people say "no" to your request for Party in the USA by Miley, remind them that you are wearing the big white dress and if you want to nod your head like yeah or move your hips like yeah, you are allowed to. And even though you want a Miley Cyrus song played, you do not want your wedding reception to sound like a middle school dance. Please tell him that.

You will not get a piece of cake. Have someone save you one.

Thank you for getting your photographer a list of pictures that you want taken. Now make sure someone is in charge of making sure those pictures will get taken. You will be very upset when you realize there is not a picture of you, the Mister and your mom and another one of you, the Mister and his parents. You will also be upset that there is not a picture of you and your Uncle. 

There will be a large truck load of trees delivered to the reception site. Don't be surprised. They will look nice. You will also see a large pile of rocks and dirt at the reception site 2 days before the wedding. Don't panic. It will be taken care of because your father-in-law is amazing.

Save a table for you and the Mister to sit at. Apparently people don't give up their seat to the bride and groom, and you will be sitting back behind some bushes at your reception.

Spend time with your out of town family. You don't see them enough.

You and the Mister will exchange cards before the wedding. The one he gives you is about a billion times better than the one you give him. Write something more thoughtful. 

Love, Casey



H. said...

My husband insisted on playing party in the USA haha!

I like your take on Friday's letters, very clever :)

Paulene said...

oh, I think your Friday Letters are my favorite of the bunch. I agree with the out of town family and feeling so loved. So many things went wrong in my wedding that I still remember (almost 3 years later)...and if it weren't for my best friend placing food on our sweetheart table, I wouldn't have eaten anything.

Cait said...

love this list hun! and adorable blog by the way :) happy friday!

Courtney*Cakes said...

I would have turned all Bridezilla up on that DJ for not listening to me. Miley should only be played at Miley's wedding.