Monday, April 30, 2012

6 weeks

There is no pregnancy announcement in this post. I just realized that a post with the title of "6 weeks" may be misunderstood. What it means is that I looked at the calendar and realized we are in the home stretch!
That's it. Well, technically 6.5 weeks with students, and a couple of work days, so 7 weeks left until summer break. I love my job, but I am always ready for summer to show up. In this last 6 weeks I will have to plan 2 dances, an 8th grade promotion ceremony, spirit week, 2 or 3 assemblies, the end of the year awards, our traditional "You Make A Difference" week, work at least 1 track meet, watch at least 1 soccer game, 2 nights of parent conferences, teach 10 more after school Zumba classes, and run a half marathon. Oh yeah, I have to teach too. Phew. The end of the year is always crazy for me, and I love it. It really makes me feel like I have earned my summer break. :)

When things get this crazy at work, I still really try to take time for me. I still go to the gym, I still cook dinner and I will still blog and comment and read all of your lovely posts :) Really though, when things get this crazy at work, I do a couple things to try to make my life easier: I make a list AND I make a calendar. Right now, I have 4 separate calendars for work/personal life. Most of the time this crazy system works for me. BUT, now that I have so much to do (in so little time!) I combine all my calendars into one. Then I highlight each event according to what it is (Personal, all school activity, leadership class activity etc). I wish I could say that this system makes me feel calm, but actually when I get done, it kind of overwhelms me a bit. Then I get over it and do what needs to get done.

What do you do when things are crazy? Any good scheduling tips? Do share!


Jena said...

I love calendars!! I also make long to-do lists. The best part is scratching things off my list. It brings me way too much happiness.

You should check out my blog post today. It's for teachers!! Might make you smile. :)

Melissa said...

I make lists too! Yay! Summer break! You can do it.

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

when things get busy around here all things blog {posting, reading, commenting} are the first to go and that my friend is is why I'm in the bad blogger hall of shame every month.