Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Confessions: A Little Bit of Everything

Time for another session of confession. Hee hee. Last week I started off by confessing how I compare myself and life to others. Your comments/messages were so sweet. It's scary to put things like that out there, but your response was so heartfelt. This week, I have nothing heavy and deep.

-I broke my dog. Monday I did his nails took him out to play on the concrete, and we played too long and he hurt the pads on his feet. Since then he's been hobbling and limping around. I feel so bad.
-Yes, I am too big of a chicken to cut my dogs nails so I play fetch with him in a parking lot to "file" them down.
-So its March, like end of March. I have been reading these mid-week confessions for a while now and women were confessing that their Christmas decorations weren't fully put away in the beginning of February. Our Christmas decorations just got taken out of the living room and put in the attic/garage. The only reason that this happened was because we were putting in new floors. In my defense they were boxed up at least. That makes it better, right?
-My belly button hurts. What's up with that?
-I have been rocking the wife thing this spring break. The Mister has came home to dinner in the oven/on the stove every night this week.
-Why does spring break always throw off my work out routine? It doesn't make sense, I have about 10 extra hours each day (since I am not at work) and some how I don't go to the gym. Fail.
-I don't like colored pants. I don't mind colored shorts, but for some reason brightly colored pants make me cringe. It did take me until this school year to own a pair of skinny jeans, I'm not what you would call a fashionista, so my opinion is probably wrong.
-I haven't told the Mister this yet, and every once in a while he reads this little blog, so don't be mad babe, but yesterday I dropped my staple gun on our brand new floors and put a little gash in them. I'm sure no one will notice it, but who wrecks their new floors without even having them a week?
-On Monday I posted about our new floors. This is by far one of my favorite side effects of our floors:
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Lea said...

I always love reading your confessions--you are so funny and seem to have a great perspective on life (read: you can laugh at yourself-haha!). I didn't read your confessions last week, but I too want to encourage you not to compare yourself to others and also to say you are not alone in your comparing! It was fun reading these :)

Ashley said...

I was never able to trim my pups nails either. I feel ya!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

love these! your belly button hurts?