Friday, February 24, 2012

High Freaking Five

Time to look back (and link up) at the things that made this week great!
I decided to take today off work as a personal day.
So far I have worked out, taken the dog to play and treated myself to a breakfast Subway.
Just look at the gorgeous blue sky!
The weather guy says it is supposed to get icky later so I am glad that I took the time this morning to enjoy it.

Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer
I love me some coffee creamer, but I was feeling really weird about the amount of ingredients I couldn't pronounce on my usual creamer. This stuff is made with milk, cream, sugar and one or two other natural ingredients. AND it is super tasty!

Yesterday I had the best class with my leadership kids.
We played a game outside then we just chatted.
And laughed.
I love my job.

Girl Scout Cookies
I finally found me some Girl Scouts. And I bought my usual order:
2 boxes of Thin Mints and a box of Samoas.
I did find out that the troop only gets like 50 cents from each box. That doesn't sound like it's sending too many girls to camp. #Girl Scout Fail
(Did I do the hash tag thing right? I just always wanted to hash tag)

new babies
I met my friends new baby this week! So much hair!!!

What made your week great!


Marissa said...

Hi Casey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love me some Girl Scout Cookies too - SAMOAS!! :-)

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

I love your new blog look! So bright and colorful!

Brittany said...

Mmmm Girl Scout cookies! What a shame that they only get 50 cents a box :(.

Love your new blog design! Really cute!!