Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

This weekend the Mister and I went the whole half mile down to the tree lot to pick out our 2011 Christmas tree. I love the idea of cutting down our own tree, and really living in Oregon, we have very little excuse not to. But, since we haven't started that tradition (maybe with future littles?) I do like supporting the local high school's senior all night party and buying our tree from there. The high school kids are super polite and helpful too, so its a good experience.

Growing up, our Christmas tree was decorated in an assortment of ornaments that were collected throughout the years and brought out every year. We would buy a new ornament or two every year to add to the collection. In high school I would see pictures of trees like these beauties and I always told my mom that I wanted a "themed" tree.

After college, when I got my first couple of trees on my own, I did do the "theme" thing. One year was all blue and silver and the other my tree was decked out in pink and lime green. I still think these trees are gorgeous. (I wouldn't call my pink/lime green tree gorgeous, but it was fun). My sister in law and the Mister's aunt also both do fabulous trees that could come straight out of a decorators magazine. I love looking at them when I am at their houses during the holidays. But, for the two years that the Mister and I have lived in our house, our tree is what I call a "family" tree. Our collection of ornaments grows every year. Each vacation we get a new ornament to go on the tree to commemorate the trip. This year as we were getting out the ornaments I smiled and remembered when we got each of them. I know someday when we do have littles that I will tell them the stories behind all of the baubles that fill our tree.

Here is our tree for 2011...

Since there are no littles in our life now, I will share some of my favorites with you all.

We got this on our Honeymoon. We spent one day in Disneyland

Yes this is a pickle. There is a German Tradition with pickle
I got this the year we got married in honor of my new last name.

We got this cutie in Hawaii this summer

I got this one the other day. Candy cane doggy bone? Love it!
I want to find an ornament that has some meaning in Mexican culture to honor the Mister's heritage (since my German heritage is covered with the pickle). And I need to find a cute kitty ornament for Allison. Also we have a trip to Vegas coming up, so there should be another ornament from that trip.

Do you do a "themed" tree? Or do you have a "family" tree?

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