Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Crafts!

I have been in a crafting funk lately. This happens every year at the start of the school year. I get really busy and the creative juices get backed up. With Pinterest I have a ton of ideas, but it doesn't give me any more time to work with. After the trip to the pumpkin patch I had all the tools to create my mummykin.

To make this little guy, I used
  • 1 small-medium pumpkin (with a good stem)
  • 3 rolls of roller gauze (there is only 1 in the picture)
  • A pair of googley eyes
  • A hot glue gun (Not pictured)

Start wrapping the gauze around the pumpkin. I started back middle. Use additional gauze as needed. When you are happy with the coverage, use a hot glue gun to add googley eyes. Smile every time you look at it.

This project was super easy, and really inexpensive.
  • Pumpkin- $3.00
  • Googley Eyes- .99
  • Already owned- Gauze & hot glue (I used to teach for the red cross and have several open/used rolls of this gauze that can't be used for first aid, as they are no longer sterile)
Total cost- $3.99

Since I was in a crafting mood, I tackled another small project. I wasn't going to do this for Halloween, but it adds a fun touch to our walls. I am planning on doing something similar for Christmas, so I used this as a learning tool.

For this project I used:
1 piece of 9x12 black foam sheet- .99
3 pieces of scrapbooking paper- 2 @ .59, 1 @ .99
Black Ribbon- $2.50
Already owned- black letters, spray glue, box cutter, paper cutter, hot glue gun

Total cost- $5.66

I cut the foam sheet into quarters using a box cutter. Then I cut my scrapbooking paper down to size and attached it to the foam quarters with the spray adhesive. I glued the letters down to the squares.

After cutting 2 three inch lengths of ribbon, connect the three squares together. Cut a longer length and glue a loop to the top. Make a cute little bow and put it on the bottom.

For Christmas, I think I will buy some cuter letters. I saw some at Michael's, but decided to just use the letters I already owned for this own. I also will do a bit more measuring when I attach the ribbons. You can see that the second "O" is a little crooked. I want to use Modpodge instead of spray adhesive.  I also think I might attach some jingle bells to the bottom.

I think I will also be making weekly-ish trips to the craft store to use the 40% off coupons to collect the rest of the materials.
Here's our fun mantle. The little pumpkin and ghost dishes and the jack-o-lantern bucket are from Target years ago. On the far right is my bouquet from our wedding.

Do you decorate for Halloween?


Morgan said...

These are so cute! And maybe next year you could use a foam pumpkin from Michaels for your adorable mummykin, then you can save it and use it every year!

Casey said...

Great idea! Maybe I will look for one after Halloween when it will be on clearance!