Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring time swap!

Last month I was seriously in need of some spring time. I know living in Oregon I should be use to the rain and clouds, but sometimes enough is enough. I decided to sign up for this spring time swap to see if that helped to jump start the season. Praise the Lord, it worked!
7 Day

I should have gotten a picture of this whole work week, because it has been amazing! Yes, I see that the rain is coming back, but I will take the sunshine any time I can get it!

I was paired up with Alyssa, from A Latte Love. One of the best parts of swaps is getting to know new bloggers and finding fun new blogs to read. Alyssa has been kind of missing around her blog lately, so hopefully this kick starts her mojo again! Check out this fun stuff she sent my way!

2 pairs of Old Navy flip flops (perfect for the beach!), a pedi kit, a fun head band (doesn't that just scream spring time?) and the most amazing color blue nail polish.
I didn't even know Old Navy had polish! Seriously, I love the color. My purse is almost the exact same shade of bright turquoise!

Do you ever participate in swaps? What is your favorite thing about spring??


Jen said...

I love swaps! I love what you got and I had no idea Old Navy had nail polish either! I must check mine. :)

Andrea H. said...

Swaps are the best!! I didn't know Old Navy had polish either, but I got the exact same one in my swap package...LOVE it!! You got lots of fun goodies :)


alycia said...

Loving that headband and the bright colors! I think our swap packages brought the sun with them as I'm in WA and am over the moon for this week's sunshine!!!

Meg said...

Wow I love what you received :) What a great spring package of goodies!! I loved this swap.

Becky Dougherty said...

I love swaps! Obviously, that's how we "met." :)

I love that nail polish color! I shop at Old Navy all the time, and I had no idea they had nail polish either! That headband is also super cute!

Katie said...

what a fun swap!! love yours!